Wellness…that comes with Trust and Patience

Dearest Readers ,

Hope you are keeping safe and well. Lets talk Trust and Patience today…..

On a personal note I had a wedding in my whanau -it was my brother`s- and my boys and I could only be with them in spirit .However the challenges of the times and stark simplicity of the event – also reminded me of the poignance of Trust and Patience – core values of mindfulnessand the difference these values make to our everyday wellness.

The intention for today`s writing is to

  1. Reinforce the depth of wisdom that comes in knowing to inculcate Trust and Patience in all that we do….
  2. Highlight the richness that these two values bring in to our Everyday Wellness.

We are living in times – where we do not know for sure – when things will ever return to normalcy…..

There are many of us who live far away from family and some of us have been impacted by the the throngs of the pandemic in myriads of ways….. The impact can leave us feeling displaced – disconnected and maybe even feel sorrowful. This can further lead to low feelings that take its`toll on our immune system .

Trust is believing that there is light at the end of the tunnel-

Patience is about learning to wait -it is also about acceptance – and being connected to the now –

So what are ways that we can emanate Trust and Patience in challenging times

Here are a few:

Find something positive in our immediate context – no matter how dark and grim it feels

Engage in simple acts of kindness and notice the way your spirits sour…..

Be in the midst of nature – each day

Be in the company of wise , kind , intelligent and fun people – who make you laugh and think

Learn a skill – crochet , music or pottery – or whatever that takes your fancy

Smile heaps ……

When we do the aforesaid …..subtle changes happen within our brainworks – and makes a positive shift in the way we think – we feel and engage

  • Our brainstem – gets unsettled when we are anxious….. – when we believe things will go well and when we are happy to wait in the moment – our brainstem – feels settled/ regulated and our thinking improves

  • Whenever our brainstem is settled / regulated – our focus improves
  • When our focus improves – we make better choices -and we blossom into resilient beings…..

With much much love


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