Perspectives and wellness….🛶☀️

Dear readers- I am grateful to be connecting with you all today J  As I walked this morning I was reminded of some of the challenges that we as humanity are witnessing –job losses, to losing close family and friends and being unable to travel or to be with family thousands of miles away. I also pondered on my thought for today`s blog and decided to write on dialectical thinking…..  

This one is called Perspectives 😃

Dialectical thinking is about exploring multiple perspectives in pursuit of solutions that work best for each of us…… The intentions to elaborate on dialectical thinking …are as follows

Nahla for living and loving – something living and something still 🎼🎶☀️

Firstly it is an inherent part of our wellness journey ; considering different options or views help in extending the thought process- it brings about flexibility in thinking. Such a relief when there is no need to feel stuck …. In one set way of thinking …. We get to choose what`s going to work best 🙂

Sanctuary from Love4acause ☀️🌟🍀

Secondly , dialectical thinking- allows for acknowledgment / acceptance of the context –as a whole and urges us to go a little beyond the self –I have found that whenever there are barriers or challenges to my pathway …..The barriers seem to dissolve when I choose to change the lens with which I look at the barriers….I choose to see my barriers as potential learning points ….. And also get to work on alternative options that can transform the barriers into learning and or serving opportunities….Here are some questions that help when we get stuck???
What do I see in this – how can I make this work – what can I learn from this…..How is this going to change what is happening nowHow can I begin to feel better about this … can I make this work for me – how can I change this into a positive

A serviette from my travels ☀️🌟

Thirdly it encourages us to embrace change and set some goals ;  get at a bigger picture based on values that matter to us. To get to this place would involve making an audit on our strengths and making a plan …some examples…It urges us to remember that the problem is always smaller than the core of who we are – some questions that help…What are my strengths – how have I been resourceful in the past….What are my weaknesses- frailties – how do I stay away from repeating the same…..Who are the people – that have been supportive – friends- mentors –family – extended family – to work to where I want to be …..What are the agencies that I can approach. How can I preserve the core of who I am in in the midst of this challenge …..How can I make this easier for me… I keep on my journey

Anbe Shivam ❤️🌟

We all live with the objective of being happy , our lives are all different and yet the same.”- Anne Frank

The positive here is no matter who we are – Our ranks or our capabilities –

Life throws punches at us at the most unexpected of times

The choices  we make,In the values  we choose – the company  we keep…

Our willingness to keep living – to give back our best selves  

To keep serving is what makes our journey a positive sustainable one !!!

So reminded of the hymn – all things bright and beautiful …..creatures great and small 🍀🌟☀️

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others The Mahatma

Live Love Serve ❤️🌟

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