Making choices …. towards bountiful wellness☀️🍀

Dear readers – hope you have had a gentle week – I did transitioning back from nearly three weeks of level 3 lockdown; I am also persuaded to share a personal experience…. So here comes… have been wanting Camellias for a while….. and was planning to buy them …..I wished for it – and thought of it no more …..

During my precious time with my youngest – to my surprise there was not one – but 5 Camellias waiting to be given away….. It seemed that my wishes for a Camellia tree came back to me in plentiful abundance.

I still cannot stop smiling ……

 So here are my thoughts ….. It is fantastic place to be….. When everything around you unfolds ….. Just as how you wish for it to be….. It comes with a cost of course…..

So in saying that –

To be in this frame of mind where there is pure joy, plenty of peace and liberation means, one has to embrace unconditional acceptance of the current context.

And the cost of this “pure joy – plenty of peace – and liberation” is learning to inculcate unconditional acceptance of the context that each of us are in at different times of our lives…..

Let us bear with magnanimity whatever is needful for us to bear.” Seneca

Even as you scrabble on …. 😬😃

Embracing unconditional acceptance ….. Begins with choice

  • Choosing to be kind to ourselves and remembering the serenity prayer …
  • It is about choosing to smile and letting the light within
  • It is about choosing to be kind even when we feel pushed  
  • It is about choosing to use a positive thought and word every time we are tempted to use a callous utterance and
  • It is about choosing to let go of every memory that threatens to steal our peace….
Even as we navigate lines and tones 😉

“These choices are checkpoints on our evolutionary journey, opportunities to move away from what we have been conditioned to be and towards unconditional freedom”- Eknath Easwaran- Essence of the Gita

It takes a while but with time – kindness- patience and consistency – we can all get at that place of plentiful peace and joyful abundance …..

Warm wishes from beautiful Aotearoa that is now my home

A moment in time ❤️

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