The story of a pot in a postbox – 😉❤️☀️☀️☀️

Something funny – something light….Today my dear readers , began with me elaborating on the fact that the pot just would not fit into a postbox !? And then after the conversation I found myself drawn to the humour in that vision of – a pot in the postbox . I also happen to find wisdom in that anecdote .

The wisdom in the “ pot cannot fit into the postbox” is about unconditional acceptance of reality . it is also about knowing we cannot ‘always try to fit in or fix things ….or we cannot always choose the timing of how life and moments happen

However the positive of the conversation – was that to my sheer delight the pot got to where it needed to be – eventually it found it’s way without the struggle of getting stuck “into the postbox”. I attribute that to persistence , perseverance and abundance of positivity .And it is also about a little bit of mystery and magic that comes with change.


Pictures that bring in light

Dollops of wellness for today

Every little wish or moment that we most aspire for – for has it’s own auspicious timing –

We don’t have to struggle against the waves – let’s just ride the waves – keep the sailing smooth…..

Humour helps heaps -now and then Its ok to laugh at yourself 😬😆 & thennnn

Let’s just then be positive – believe – keep on at our wellness journey 🛶🍷🎶☀️🌟

So much goodness and much much love
In all that we think feel and do ❤️


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