On learning to be a vegetarian

Dear readers -wishing you all a very Happy Friday !!!

The intention of this post is to share some good learning that I gained in watching a YouTube clip -on plant based wellness and how it helped to get to where I am …. closer to integral wellness

I have always loved and relished red meat and fish … in NZ we get to have the world’s best lamb ( so I say ) and some fantastic Kai moana ( sea food in Te Reo ). I have grown up eating fantastic meat based food… my grandmother one of the kindest people of the world -whom I was raised by and grown up with enjoyed her meat based diet and her fish – my mum an exceptional expert with food – has made and continues to make the yummiest of meat based culinary delights ….

However from time to time I would always have this quest within me to try the pathway of vegetarianism …. It had nothing to do with religion or spirituality – it had everything to do for my love for animals . As much as I tried to follow a vegetarian diet – It did not happen – the burger would urge me to have a bite or I would crave for something else that is not plant based.

The luxury of time that came with COVID resulted in me watching the following video it’s a conversation Oprah Winfrey has with Suzie Amis Cameron ….This video clip did something intrinsic for me – What appealed to me was the realistic advocacy of a plant – based diet -For example Suzie talks of one plant based meal a day ; What allured me to this was the fact that even a small change like one plant based meal a day by one person for one year saves 200000 gallons of water -it was not just about being healthier and more active . It felt like a calling to make a small difference to the conservation of our planet .

To add to this my son shared a video called “ Game Changers”- that went into lots of detail about going plant based ….I cherish moments when my adult children invite me to be participate in their millennial perspectives 🙂

My very yummmm cauliflower and pumpkin stew ….

My intention to lean into a plant based diet also gave me scope to learn to make the yummiest of vegetarian food – I did this by planning what I needed to eat each day and making sure that I had my proteins , greens and including the colours of a healthy 5+ a day

A suggestion by a friend to try options from HelloFRESH further enhanced my insights into perfectly healthy sumptuous vegetarian options

Above – one of the salads from Hellofresh.

Below are the links attached …. fingers crossed it works – the interview – which inspired me into choosing vegetarianism

In the next https://youtu.be/J8kGq5QXSCQ

So it’s now been three months and I get to relish plenty of vegetarian options . I am not sure if I would become a vegan but for now I am loving every bit of being a vegetarian -I feel just as healthy as I did before but I do feel a sense of accomplishment and contentment for eating a diet that is totally in sync with my love and compassion for the animal kingdom

Celebrating everyday wellness Paneer Briyani the recipe from HelloFRESH -that was a super duper hit with my boys and their friends
and then the day I made bread ❤️

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