Connections matter…

New learning experiences

Creates a context where new learning and new social connections can happen . I am writing about this today with the intention of motivating you to try finding “ a new thing to do .” and then go towards kind connections that make your being thrive day after day

I graduated as a registered psychologist well well well into my adulthood . Swimming , French and learning to crotchet were very new to me .

Immersing ourselves in new learning experiences – is a neat way to know yourself better. We become our own teachers as we gain insight into what helps us learn. I find this fascinating and it has brought a new dimension into my personal and professional outlook -of how children and adults learn and what motivates the learning or the mastering of a technique to the next level …

What makes the new learning experience worthwhile -every time – is the link -to the context – the connections – the influence of the individual directing the learning experience . For example in my swimming – in my tryst with crotchet – and in my lectures – the adults directing the sessions played a huge role in motivating me to be where I am now – happy – confident – grateful and well.

One Sunday morning ….

Everyday when I am at work – I feel incredibly happy – for the people that I work with – the people that I meet – lessons and teachings that come about in plentiful abundance Blessed is he who has found his work – Thomas Carlyle

I am also sharing a Maori proverb that affirms the significance of relationships most beautifully . What is the most important thing in the world ? He Tangata, he tangata , he tangata It is the people , it is the people , it is the people –


2 thoughts on “Connections matter…

  1. Immersing ourselves in new learning experiences – is a neat way to know yourself better… well said .
    Whenever I crochet sitting all alone with the company of my own thoughts I realise a strong person in me.
    I realised that there is always an opportunity to learn ,grow and stay motivated when you do what you love.

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  2. Being connected is a wonderful experience and even more better is to be connected at the right time and for a lovely purpose .
    Starting my day with my long walks enjoying nature ,cooking my special dishes has kept me happy physically and mentally.

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