Live, Love, Serve  | 27  March ,2023 | 25/3/2023

Greetings to you all,

Hope you have been extra kind to yourselves….. as I pondered about my post as to find something new to write, I struck upon a topic. I choose to write on resistance – recognizing and understanding resistance.

Resistance will tell you anything to keep you from doing your work” – Steven Pressfield

I have also always been puzzled , intrigued that when I really want to do something – I recognize a certain sense of reluctance that gets within me . I tend to overcome this and there have been many times that I succumb to this barrier within me and therefore miss out on many a fun things that I would otherwise enjoy….

🍀Healing takes time and effort🦋
☀️The story of growth and resilience 💚🍀

I therefore empathise with my fellow humans who go through this challenge on a day to day basis. The inspiration for today`s post also comes from the conversations I have had with people I work with, my friends and my family. Many of us feel resistance at different times and it sneaks from within or leaps ahead of us – it feels like a pull from behind.

Below an animated version of how resistance feels like – a block a wall or a force that sets one back

Hopefully my attempt at scaffolding this innate force within us will help you to break through your own inner barriers and move on to the next phase of your progression.

Resistance can be a barrier and a force that prevents us from doing something – that we want to do or we need to do …

It sits between apprehension and willingness – two very different dimensions

On one hand we are afraid to begin something new and on the other we are so keen to engage and take the next step


There is also a BUT – that creeps in….

We face resistance when we are ready to make the next stage

For example, we may want to volunteer or engage in 20 min of walking or learn a new sport – however there is a barrier that is daunting and that stops us from doing the things that draws us – i.e., from doing the things that is essential for our betterment

We also face resistance when are about to engage in a creative endeavor or when we are about to take up something new.

What is important is to recognize that resistance is a natural force that can be daunting

The way to get through this barrier is to take that first step and / or make the next move to embrace the next level of progression

“ Nothing else matters , except sitting down every day and trying” – Steven Pressfield

Recognize resistance – recognize that it is a natural force and work through it

💚Have Faith🍀

Time it –and don`t let it overwhelm you

Teach or tell yourself that resistance is also a hallmark of your progression- your readiness to grow and improve and embrace change

The longer that you allow resistance to sit – it turns into procrastination.

So, if you want to try your hand at art – just do it – get yourself a paper, a pencil and draw a figure that is your unique creation

If you wish to go for a walk, make that first move

If you wish to set a routine in place- put that on paper and

Plunge through the currents of resistance and take a

Leap towards your own progression and growth

Out of resistance comes strength” Nepoloean Hill

Much love


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