Wellness -for the now

🍀Stay Connected ❤️

My dear readers,

As we head towards the new year amidst the buzz of the festive spirit, I write again to touch base with each of you to review the year in the context of wellness and connectedness. This year has been much about the pandemic – and much more about the lessons learnt during what has been a year of crisis for so many of us.

❤️- Pohutukawa – a season to celebrate from Southern Hemisphere ☀️

Ironically COVID has emphasised connectedness in more ways than one – COIVID touched all of humanity -regardless of class, gender and race. We also got to learn new ways of keeping busy- having purpose – and living well –working from home has been the norm and long distance travel almost a thing of the past.

About a book called SPARK😉

How did we stay connected? What helped ….

  • Taking time to Excercise
  • Practising kindness
  • Taking time to reflect
  • Spending time with nature
  • Being able to ask – what am I to learn from this
  • Refraining from blame
  • Reaching out to those who struggled
  • Learning to reach out and ask for help
  • Showing acts of kindness and love in small and big ways
  • Supporting home grown talent and
  • Being grateful – taking in all the positives and
  • Having Faith – that this too shall pass….
🍀Author’s Illustrations on brain works 🌟

All of the aforesaid comes from loving more …..and living in the now…..”Anyone can live sweetly, patiently , lovingly , purely till the sun goes down. And this is all that life really means .”- Robert Louis Stevenson”

So Let our New Year be all about loving more and living in the now 😊

🌟Picture story of resilience 🌟👍

“Tomorrow is a new day , you shall begin it well and serenely”.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

With much love

☀️Coherence 🍀
🌟Unity in diversity ❤️
🌟Shamrock – symbol of faith ❤️

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