Wellness – using a new pair of lens ☀️

Kia Ora my dear readers ….as the rain pours down with an incessant beat, I decided to make time to connect with you all. Thank you for taking the time to read ☀️🍀

The purpose of today’s writing is to share my thoughts on accepting the not so pleasant occurrences in each of our lives 🛶

But why ?? and How ?? And What for …should we consider welcoming and accepting the less fortunate experiences. 🙃

Firstly – being willing to explore into unpleasant or negative experience -can be a learning and teaching point in itself . We can choose to grow from it if we look at this as a life lesson about being strong, kind and brave 😊☀️

Secondly challenging experiences comes to us all in some form or the other – He waka eke noa – which translates as we are all in this together – so how we choose to respond to each of our jolts is what matters most . We can also lead ourselves to becoming insightful and reflective .Kindness and awareness of the self comes from being reflective… kindness helps with healing too 🍀🌟

Lastly when we choose to transform the challenges – we learn to inculcate a sense of purpose in all that we do . Every word we speak and every action we take influences the way our lives unfold ❤️🌟☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️🍀

As we think so we become … Wayne Dyer 🌟

5 things you can do to support your wellness

Make time to reflect – take count of your personal strengths – give thanks to things that make you smile – flowers, the stars , a call from a friend – and so on – make time to excercise – and – be kind to yourself and others around you .❤️

Am sharing a Maori proverb that caught my eye and intellect “ Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”

Have a great week ☀️❤️ and Ma te wa for now 🍀

How do we


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