A second try on John J Ratey’s book….as yesterday’s work just took leave I know not why ….

Here are the key aspects that resonated with my own beliefs and my everyday practice

Babies : Excercise has a powerful impact on brain development and on how babies develop …. science indicates that babies whose mothers exercised regularly during the pregnancy are well regulated – have higher IQ and enhanced oral language capabilities

BDNF Excercise helps with release of BDNF – which helps with cell growth in the brain Studies indicate with regular excercise there is an increase in brain cells or brain volume .

So let’s find a place that motivates us to keep the movement on 🎶

Restructuring or remodelling : Excercise stabilises pathways within the brain – science shows that with regular excercise our brains can make and build new connections which impacts on our physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing

A scene from the Abel Tasman walk … celebrating moments


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