☀️Wellness in the New Year…☀️

Kia Ora my dear readers ,

Greetings to you all from the Southern Hemisphere ☀️The year has begun with plentiful sunshine and the air is warm and filled with light and hope . I pondered a bit on what to write about for my first blog for this year .

A slice of Heaven –
Taken on the day this year began ❤️

Kindness is something that we spoke about a lot in the past year – and along with kindness comes forgiveness . I choose to write on forgiveness as it is an inherent aspect of healing and wellness .I am still learning about this principle – and as I begin to see the light of this incredible virtue I thought it would be apt to share this light abd learning with you all ☀️

❤️Over cups of tea with my adult sons – my whanau here in Aotearoa 🍀

All of us at some point would have experienced varying levels of betrayals – and what really helps to move past the blows that some of our fellow humans throw at us – is choosing to forgive.

St .Francis of Assisi -“ it is in pardoning that we are pardoned …..🍀

An amazing book that I read by T.D.Jakes speaks beautifully on forgiveness .and writes “forgiveness is a gift to yourself.”

Picture called Grace

Here are 5 key points

Forgiveness is a choice that we can make to help with our own healing 🍀

Forgiveness liberates us from feeling burdened – we don’t have to remain a hostage of the past 🛶

When we make that choice we create a journey that is free of bitterness and resentment 😊

Forgiveness is about removing negative perceptions of the past and connecting to everyone with kindness 🍀

Forgiveness is a virtue that connects with the present and allows for kindness peace and love. ❤️


“ if you want to see the brave , look to those who can forgive.”- The Gita

So here’s to a very affirming beginning for us all ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️❤️

With much aroha ❤️

Pohutukawa time again ☀️

Wellness -for the now

🍀Stay Connected ❤️

My dear readers,

As we head towards the new year amidst the buzz of the festive spirit, I write again to touch base with each of you to review the year in the context of wellness and connectedness. This year has been much about the pandemic – and much more about the lessons learnt during what has been a year of crisis for so many of us.

❤️- Pohutukawa – a season to celebrate from Southern Hemisphere ☀️

Ironically COVID has emphasised connectedness in more ways than one – COIVID touched all of humanity -regardless of class, gender and race. We also got to learn new ways of keeping busy- having purpose – and living well –working from home has been the norm and long distance travel almost a thing of the past.

About a book called SPARK😉

How did we stay connected? What helped ….

  • Taking time to Excercise
  • Practising kindness
  • Taking time to reflect
  • Spending time with nature
  • Being able to ask – what am I to learn from this
  • Refraining from blame
  • Reaching out to those who struggled
  • Learning to reach out and ask for help
  • Showing acts of kindness and love in small and big ways
  • Supporting home grown talent and
  • Being grateful – taking in all the positives and
  • Having Faith – that this too shall pass….
🍀Author’s Illustrations on brain works 🌟

All of the aforesaid comes from loving more …..and living in the now…..”Anyone can live sweetly, patiently , lovingly , purely till the sun goes down. And this is all that life really means .”- Robert Louis Stevenson”

So Let our New Year be all about loving more and living in the now 😊

🌟Picture story of resilience 🌟👍

“Tomorrow is a new day , you shall begin it well and serenely”.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

With much love

☀️Coherence 🍀
🌟Unity in diversity ❤️
🌟Shamrock – symbol of faith ❤️

Wellness – let’s think with our hearts …. ❤️

Greetings dear readers I needed to take a mini break and so I did . Today I was reminded of the thought that having more space for heart matters – like love patience and kindness has everything to do with wellness.

St.Francis of Assisi – advocate for kindness love and peace

The intention here is to share insights on kindness love and gratitude on our wellness .

Here’s a story for you : A collegial friend of mine one day said that at the moment she was taking care of an unwell member of her extended family – which sometimes is challenging . She retold that what made it possible for her was telling herself that she needed to make her heart just a little bigger- To make room for love and kindness and then everything seemed less challenging .

An adage from one of the kindest humans ❤️

Another piece of information that I read and found incredibly valuable was from the Heart Brain foundation – the principles resonates with the pearl of wisdom from my friend’s story .

Here are 3 concepts for you 🍀

1. When we make decision from the heart – we allow room for creativity and positive emotional experience

2.Heart has its own intrinsic system and heart sends information to the brain – that can influence how we think feel and engage – which ofcourse has an impact on our wellness

3.So when we feel kindness and compassion in our hearts – when heart and brain are in sync – we allow ourselves a pathway that leads us towards becoming kinder -better connected – purposeful and resilient beings

Finishing today’s writing with much love and here’s a picture that is finally completed and ready ☀️🌟🍀🎼👏🏽

Lines and curves – resilience grows from repetitive positive experiences 🌟❤️

Wellness – using a new pair of lens ☀️

Kia Ora my dear readers ….as the rain pours down with an incessant beat, I decided to make time to connect with you all. Thank you for taking the time to read ☀️🍀

The purpose of today’s writing is to share my thoughts on accepting the not so pleasant occurrences in each of our lives 🛶

But why ?? and How ?? And What for …should we consider welcoming and accepting the less fortunate experiences. 🙃

Firstly – being willing to explore into unpleasant or negative experience -can be a learning and teaching point in itself . We can choose to grow from it if we look at this as a life lesson about being strong, kind and brave 😊☀️

Secondly challenging experiences comes to us all in some form or the other – He waka eke noa – which translates as we are all in this together – so how we choose to respond to each of our jolts is what matters most . We can also lead ourselves to becoming insightful and reflective .Kindness and awareness of the self comes from being reflective… kindness helps with healing too 🍀🌟

Lastly when we choose to transform the challenges – we learn to inculcate a sense of purpose in all that we do . Every word we speak and every action we take influences the way our lives unfold ❤️🌟☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️🍀

As we think so we become … Wayne Dyer 🌟

5 things you can do to support your wellness

Make time to reflect – take count of your personal strengths – give thanks to things that make you smile – flowers, the stars , a call from a friend – and so on – make time to excercise – and – be kind to yourself and others around you .❤️

Am sharing a Maori proverb that caught my eye and intellect “ Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”

Have a great week ☀️❤️ and Ma te wa for now 🍀

How do we

Wellness …. is also learning to be still…🍀🎶☀️🌟❤️

Greetings dear readers as we head into warmer days ….. The weekend has been full with
company of friends I cherish ,
Luxury of family ….
Good food and
The exuberance that takes over when you have had all of the above …..

From my travels ….. 2014 🎶🍀..
Heralding summer ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

The friends and family have taken leave and it`s back to me zone again – as I look at my week ahead – it looks just as full ….. however I also sense a hint of displacement within …. and it feels like
– How is the week going to unfold
– Have I got everything sorted as it is meant to be…..
– Will some of this be challenging and
-Will this be all be okay.

Artwork in progress ….🛶

I know for sure that most of us with day to day demands of work and / or family – feel this way – go through similar apprehensions . What changes this is being aware of what you think and how you feel – has a strong influence on what you do. In my work with people – children and families – how I engage or what I do – determines the outcome of each of my interactions

☀️Pohutukawa 🎼

Ways to celebrate being calm and connected when feeling challenged…
Be mindful of the connection between what we think – and what we feel influences what we do ….
Make the time to be still
In that stillness acknowledge your strengths and capabilities
Accept your challenges just as they are
Be reminded of your values , your goals
Identify a purpose in all that you do
Think of all of the good things that make you smile
Think of all of the times you practised kindness to
Others and yourself….
Enjoy the breathing in and
Breathing out-
It will all be okay 🙂

🌟Place to connect 🍀

The intention of my writing today is to share my insights on finding the time each day – to practise connectedness to your sense of self and core values .When we do this – minor trepidations take leave and we are more able to look at goals and values – with purpose- and objectivity. Finding time to practice connectedness is about taking time to reflect. Dr Bessel and Dan Siegel pioneers of brain science affirm that Reflection , Meditative practice and Thinking – excercise that part of the brain ( which I refer to as the stem in my previous writings) where kindness comes from….. so let us each day find a quiet place to sit and be still and bring in the calm- and let us be mindful that it is this connectedness to our sense of self and the calm within , which would help us surf through the waves ….. small and big.

🌟🍀By the sea -Blue green calm 🎶

“Contentment and indeed usefulness comes as the infallible result of great acceptance , great humilities – of not trying to make ourselves this or that, but of surrendering ourselves to the fullness of life – of letting life flow through us.” David Grayman

Good visuals work 😉🌟

Brainworks -movement and breath- steps towards everyday wellness

Movement and breath- steps towards everyday wellness

Dear readers ,

One of the lessons I have found immensely valuable in my personal and professional realm is the insights I have gained in learning about the fascinating architecture of our brainworks. It is positive that today -there is a niche that we have created for study of brain and its~relevance to emptional literacy and wellbeing.

It is even more positive that we are beginning to look at emotional literacy as fundamental to growing good kind children – our citizens of the morrow.

So the intention of today`s post is to share 3 key facts on the brain…

  1. The brain develops in a sequential fashion  sequential developmental and sensitivity from the brainstem to the cortex ; the stem of the brain is the first to pick up any duress in out lives. Stress travels upwards from the stem towards the cortical region ( where thinking and learning happen)
  2. Those of us who are able to cope in times of stress – we have the know-how to calm the brainstem – which allows us to think and reason better. Those of us who crumble during times of stress – we tend to feel severely displaced – the stress response generating from the stem -leads us towards feeling overwhelmed and/ displaced – so logic goes out the window- when the stress takes over and moves towards our cortical and thinking regions of the brain.
  3. Ways to improve our capabilities in dealing with stress: Research indicates that taking time to reflect helps in improving our stress response . Keeping aside time to move , making mindful breathing an inherent part of what we do and taking the time to stretch our limbs builds our capabilities in dealing with challenging events.

More on brainfacts on a later blog…..wishing you all a gentle and upbeat week,

Much love from reach4art 🙂

Connecting to what matters…

Kia Ora dear readers – greetings to you all from the Southern Hemisphere

Delightful Imagery

Throughout this week – we have had visitations from the rainman – a welcome reprieve for the water scarcity we face in Auckland 🙂

Today I connect with you with the intention of affirming the need to make time for what is important to each of our short and long term goals .

Walk through the greens ❤️

I often speak of connectedness to oneself -which means taking a tab of our strengths , weaknesses and what we aspire for – personally and professionally.
Here are some of the ways that I connect to myself
Personally– Excercise , reading and art is essential to keep me ticking in the zen mode – I also have realised that making time to talk to my friends and family each day adds to my wellness quotient- so on that note a friendly cue – keep connected with things that bring you joy, a sense of peace and contentment….

Hand crafted for my oldest ☀️❤️

Professionally – I am blessed in doing exactly what I wanted to do – this came with a price of having to be disciplined in the way I manage my time .
I continue to walk my way through my chosen pathway in the way of connecting to each individual whom I interact -realising my role as a change agent -and in bringing each individual to a better place from where they started.

Wellness in Mindful living 🍀

Sometimes it seems there is no end point – but what matters is doing what is right for that moment and taking faith that each of our steps is guided by integration of the following 3 aspects

  • 1. Sound Beliefs : Being connected to your/our values and practising what is important to you personally – allows you to be led by a belief system that keeps you safe and well
  • 2. Knowledge that is evidence based : Read , read and read – Keeping up with the science of whats happening around the world – in the pathway you/ we have chosen keeps us well informed in the way we work
  • 3. Applicaton of skills: Having the passion to apply your skills – with intention is an indicator of motivation, growth , and resilience
Celebrating wonderment ❤️

Integration of these three aspects – influences change and leads us towards effective intentional outcomes – and allows us to live a purpose driven life in the now and for long term – the lenght of time to come……

❤️Art – Faith 🍀- Beliefs 🌟

So on that note – I bring today`s script to a close with a few lines from the Upanishads
Let a man strive to purify his thoughts …. Man becomes that of which he thinks” ….


A moment in time ☀️

Be kind to yourself everyday

My dear readers,
The advent of spring and better weather took me to the South Island …. where I saw flowers in bloom, trees more green and a sparkle in the blue that lit the morning sky . Travel felt new and what brought warmth to my heart was the connection with my cherished friends and the visits with my oldest.

Being with kind people and practising kindness brings in new purpose and also adds an extra dollop of wellness into our everyday living

The intention of connecting with you today is therefore to affirm the goodness that comes with positive experiences . Today I had the opportunity to hear Dr.Bruce Perry speak on the healing that comes from repetitive nurturing experiences. Details perhaps on a later blog

Plethora of colours
Paper-mâché tulips ❤️

So for now make sure you intentionally indulge in experiences that brings a smile and more kindness to your being. ….

Ma te wa for now

Wellness – bicultural insights from Aotearoa

Kia Ora – Greetings to you all -I recently had my birthday – and throughout day I was blessed to be in the midst of experiences and people who brought more kindness warmth and joy to my being. So I felt the need to pen my thoughts on events , experiences and people who add to our wellness journey ….

I realise that each of us are a sum total of all of our experiences that we have had at different times….. The people and experiences once so close to me are far removed from how I live my life today. The current context of living in Aotearoa ( NZ in Maori) and then going through numerous changes has brought into my life – new ways of thinking and being – new people and myriads of experiences that has gone into the making of who I am today

I am grateful for what I had then and will cherish forever all that was imparted to me ….. I am twice as grateful that my cross cultural journey has seen me evolve to how I think- speak and live life today.
Speaking of the cross cultural journey …… having chosen NZ as my home, working within the educational realm, I realise the responsibility I have in embracing the bicultural component of this country. I am richer for that – and have been most fortunate to gain insight into Maoridom –through various personal and professional experiences .

My dear readers –and we in NZ also jsut celebrated Maori language week – so what I wish to share here are some Maori values that advocate for everyday wellness. It has a strong framework around connectedness….that is fundamental to wellness.

Preserving the mana –
pay it forward
kindness and compassion 🍀

Manaakitanga – Connectedness with the self – is about nurturing the sense of self / mana and the also nurturing the mana in others –what is important to each of us …. how do we look after ourselves and how we demonstrate care for ourselves and for others …. the words we use to communicate

Whanaungatanga –Connectedness with whanau/ family – is about preserving the values of the families – how much do we each know of our family– what does family mean to us …..

Not so long ago – yet seems ages
Breakfast with my boys on our travels 🌟

Whakawhanaungatanga – Connectedness with community – is about preserving and contributing what is important for community wellness –

Auckland City Mission – celebrating communities – live -love-serve ❤️

Rangatiratanga – value of ownership is about taking ownership and responsibility – it is to with skill building

A highly recommended book😎

So coming back to where I started – here is a wellbeing task for you …
Have a go at saying the Maori words…
Enjoy the richness that comes in using a value based language
Add an experience to each of the values
Take a count of the people that you meet/ met – include family and friends
Write down the learning that came with it
Count the people who helped us internalise those values at different times…..
Practice gratitude all over again !!!

Leprechaun – magic happens 😉

Here is a gem that I came across in my learning in the past month-“ Education does not transform the world – education changes people – people change the world.” Paulo Freire

What is the most important thing in the world – He tangata – he tangata – he tangata – it is the people , the people the people ….a Maori whakaitauki / saying

For those of you , who connect to my work … nga mihi – thank you – much love and my namaskaarams

The Sanctuary -Stillness in blue 🌟

Perspectives and wellness….🛶☀️

Dear readers- I am grateful to be connecting with you all today J  As I walked this morning I was reminded of some of the challenges that we as humanity are witnessing –job losses, to losing close family and friends and being unable to travel or to be with family thousands of miles away. I also pondered on my thought for today`s blog and decided to write on dialectical thinking…..  

This one is called Perspectives 😃

Dialectical thinking is about exploring multiple perspectives in pursuit of solutions that work best for each of us…… The intentions to elaborate on dialectical thinking …are as follows

Nahla for living and loving – something living and something still 🎼🎶☀️

Firstly it is an inherent part of our wellness journey ; considering different options or views help in extending the thought process- it brings about flexibility in thinking. Such a relief when there is no need to feel stuck …. In one set way of thinking …. We get to choose what`s going to work best 🙂

Sanctuary from Love4acause ☀️🌟🍀

Secondly , dialectical thinking- allows for acknowledgment / acceptance of the context –as a whole and urges us to go a little beyond the self –I have found that whenever there are barriers or challenges to my pathway …..The barriers seem to dissolve when I choose to change the lens with which I look at the barriers….I choose to see my barriers as potential learning points ….. And also get to work on alternative options that can transform the barriers into learning and or serving opportunities….Here are some questions that help when we get stuck???
What do I see in this – how can I make this work – what can I learn from this…..How is this going to change what is happening nowHow can I begin to feel better about this …..how can I make this work for me – how can I change this into a positive

A serviette from my travels ☀️🌟

Thirdly it encourages us to embrace change and set some goals ;  get at a bigger picture based on values that matter to us. To get to this place would involve making an audit on our strengths and making a plan …some examples…It urges us to remember that the problem is always smaller than the core of who we are – some questions that help…What are my strengths – how have I been resourceful in the past….What are my weaknesses- frailties – how do I stay away from repeating the same…..Who are the people – that have been supportive – friends- mentors –family – extended family – to work to where I want to be …..What are the agencies that I can approach. How can I preserve the core of who I am in in the midst of this challenge …..How can I make this easier for me…..as I keep on my journey

Anbe Shivam ❤️🌟

We all live with the objective of being happy , our lives are all different and yet the same.”- Anne Frank

The positive here is no matter who we are – Our ranks or our capabilities –

Life throws punches at us at the most unexpected of times

The choices  we make,In the values  we choose – the company  we keep…

Our willingness to keep living – to give back our best selves  

To keep serving is what makes our journey a positive sustainable one !!!

So reminded of the hymn – all things bright and beautiful …..creatures great and small 🍀🌟☀️

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others The Mahatma

Live Love Serve ❤️🌟