Wellness – let’s think with our hearts …. ❤️

Greetings dear readers I needed to take a mini break and so I did . Today I was reminded of the thought that having more space for heart matters – like love patience and kindness has everything to do with wellness.

St.Francis of Assisi – advocate for kindness love and peace

The intention here is to share insights on kindness love and gratitude on our wellness .

Here’s a story for you : A collegial friend of mine one day said that at the moment she was taking care of an unwell member of her extended family – which sometimes is challenging . She retold that what made it possible for her was telling herself that she needed to make her heart just a little bigger- To make room for love and kindness and then everything seemed less challenging .

An adage from one of the kindest humans ❤️

Another piece of information that I read and found incredibly valuable was from the Heart Brain foundation – the principles resonates with the pearl of wisdom from my friend’s story .

Here are 3 concepts for you 🍀

1. When we make decision from the heart – we allow room for creativity and positive emotional experience

2.Heart has its own intrinsic system and heart sends information to the brain – that can influence how we think feel and engage – which ofcourse has an impact on our wellness

3.So when we feel kindness and compassion in our hearts – when heart and brain are in sync – we allow ourselves a pathway that leads us towards becoming kinder -better connected – purposeful and resilient beings

Finishing today’s writing with much love and here’s a picture that is finally completed and ready ☀️🌟🍀🎼👏🏽

Lines and curves – resilience grows from repetitive positive experiences 🌟❤️


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