Kindness….so integral to wellness

My dear readers I am currently enjoying Daniel Goleman’s Social Intelligence …and here are my perspectives on all of my experiences and happenings of today ☀️

Simply paying attention allows us to build an emotional connection –Daniel Goleman

Everything about today felt kind …. the people I met , the conversations I had , the centres I visited …all of this impacted on how the day felt – so very zennnnn …despite the hectic pace .So was it me that initiated the sparkle of kindness or was it the people I met .

A lot of how we engage is influenced or conditioned by social behaviour . Similarly how each of us communicate has a powerful influence on those we meet through the course of our day .

Everything about our brain is relational -one of the primary functions of our brain is to do with social relationships … our brain stem is hyper vigilant – and tends to notice any subtle and /or pronounced changes in social cues…. This is one way of processing what’s going well or what’s not …

Benefits of wellness : When we are feeling well within ourselves – we have the ability to notice – what’s going well or what’s not going well for those around us….for example we notice gaps in communication -through unkind or snappy remarks

Making way for kindness : Feeling well, cues us to reflect ; reflection allows for kindness and compassion to come through …

When we focus on ourselves our world contracts …… but when we focus on others our world expands -Daniel Goleman’s wisdom in Social Intelligence

Choosing to excercise reflection and kindness – even when we feel unkind vibes – allows for a constructive response – which means we slow down and continue to remain calm before choosing to respond. This constructive response impacts on those around us ….. there is scope for thinking to happen -making way for gentler interactive patterns ….

So let’s celebrate kindness – a key predictor of social intelligence … an inherent aspect of individual wellness and collective wellness 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Be kind whenever possible – it is always possible – Dalai Lama


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